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    My computer keeps playing ads in the background whenever I am browsing the Internet. Looking at Windows Task Manager, the only thing unfamiliar to me is Noad Steep TV process. Under all my program folders, there is no software that corresponds to Steep TV. If I close the browser, the ads will stop. So, I am certain that it is part of a BHO affecting the browser.

    I have run several antivirus programs but no suspicious or virus was detected. Resetting all the settings of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox also didn’t help in solving this problem. I can end the Noad Steep TV process but after a while, it will reinstate itself.

    Searching the internet about this topic gives me little to no result. All I have found are sites trying to promote and sell their products. Please help me get rid of the ads cause by Noad Steep TV.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Self Help Guide

    For easy and free removal of Noad Steep TV, we suggest that you carry out the following instructions. We will use only free and effective malware removal tools on this procedure.

    1. Download the following Noad Steep TV removal tools

    Click to download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
    Click to download Adware Cleaner

    Once downloaded, install the programs using default configuration. No need to change on the current settings. Updating may be necessary after the installation.

    2. Reboot computer in safe mode

    Rebooting the computer in Windows Safe Mode reduces the effectiveness of Noad Steep TV and other malware. Most malware and virus do not function fully while in Safe Mode. You may also scan the PC on normal boot-up; hence, we may not guarantee the efficiency of virus removal.

    3. Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware

    – Open Malwarebytes Anti-malware
    – On the main window, click on Scan tab
    – Make sure that Threat Scan (Recommended) is selected
    – Click on Start Scan button to start finding Noad Steep TV and other malicious programs
    – After the scan, select all identified threats and click on Remove Selected button
    – If it prompts you that computer needs to be restarted, please select No
    – Close Malwarebytes Anti-malware program

    4. Run another scan using AdwCleaner

    – Open AdwCleaner.
    – Once opened, click on Scan button to search for malicious applications including Noad Steep TV.
    – To remove Noad Steep TV including all detected adware and malware, click on the Clean button.
    – AdwCleaner will prompt you to close any running application as it will need to restart the computer.
    – Click OK to restart the computer.

    After restarting the computer, you may run additional virus scanner if anti-virus is installed.

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    Ron Doyle

    I removed the NOAD STEEP TV malware (spyware) from my WINDOWS 7 Professional. This is how I did it:

    First, bring up your Task Manager. I did so by CTRL ALT DEL. Once there, go to the APPLICATIONS tab. Highlight the NOAD STEEP TV [IN PRIVATE] which will show as running and also will not allow you to “End Process”.

    Then click on the “Processors” tab and look for a file which will have the name such as “Interstatnogui.exe”. It usually follows after one or two “ixplorer.exe” files.

    Next, right-click on the “Interstatnogui.exe” to highlight that single file. then, as your cursor is on the highlighted file, left-click to be able to get to the pop-up box and select “Properties” of that file and note where it is located by its sub-directory (folder) path. My properties selection indicated the following path: “C:\users\RD\AppData\Roaming\Interstatnogui>”

    Next you have to bring up your command prompt. If you are not familiar with changing into sub-directories while using the command prompt, find someone who is. Hopefully, you can follow the next set of instructions. Different versions of WINDOWS have different methods to bring up the command prompt.

    I had noted that the “Interstatnogui” file was located in the following path: “C:\users\RD\AppData\Roaming\Interstatnogui>”. When I brought up my command prompt it only read “C:\users\RD>”. To get to each succeeding path, you start entering “cd [name of your next path name]” In my case, I entered “cd AppData”. Then the new command line read “C:\users\RD\AppData>”. (If you enter any typographical error, the command line will come back with “directory not found”.)

    I then entered “CD Roaming” and the new command line read the next sub directory I had changed to.

    Once you finally get to the sub-directory path where the “culprit” application file resides, you need to then type the command “DIR” while in that sub-directory. The “DIR” will then list all the files and applications in that sub-directory. I had decided to delete the whole sub-directory to be rid of any subsequent application command file to reproduce the problem. I did so by entering the command “Del” while in the name of the sub-directory. The command line will ask if you are sure you wish to remove (delete) the directory (y or n). Type “y” and then [enter] key.

    If the sub-directory holds any association file needed for other programs, that particular program may find the necessary file in another sub-directory path or you can reload that particular program but there shouldn’t be a problem.

    I would occasionally run your “Task Manager” and check and see if any other applications are running other than the ones you know you are actually running.

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    I did that and it just says Access is denied. I tries in administrator mode too.

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    vladimir shiverov

    The guy who posted about getting the adware remover thing is right! if you have any adware or you computer is running slow go download that free software add remover now! my computer has 12gb of ram and it would always start up with 30% of it being used as well as i have a intel i7 6500U and my computer always started up with almost 40% of processing power being used i run the software mfixer recommended and mmy cpu usage jumped down to 16% on startup and only 15% memory being used so if you have any problems at all go download that software! i was getting super frustrated by the stupid steep tv virus it always made my fan operate loudly at all times but not anymore thanks to the free software this was not paid i am giving you a real testimony i love your guys’s free software thank you for saving me from this annoying virus!!!!!!!

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    Ron Doyle’s instructions – great. However I had to take out HDD and operate on it from a Dock on a different computer. The W10 would not grant me permissions to delete the folder as instructed.

    Thanks Ron!!

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