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    Since yesterday, I started getting random Bug Splat pop-up crash report from my Windows 10 computer. The pop-up box shows two options; either I am going to send a report or now. I have seen some discussions about this Bug Splat. It is normally related to online gaming like League of Legends, Flash, and so on. Their Bug Splat window identifies the application that crashed. On my issue, associated program is not stated. That is why I am bewildered.

    Running a virus scan does not detect any issue. I do not have any clue what this Bug Splat is all about. Is this some kind of Windows bug? If it is, why it didn’t show the source of the error? As of now, I am thinking that this is just a fake Bug Splat pop-up that connected to hacker’s phishing activities. The complete message I am seeing goes like this:

    “A problem has encountered and the program needs to close.
    Reporting this error will help us make our product better. Please send this error report using the “Send Error Report” button below. All information is treated as confidential and is only used to improve future versions of this program.”

    Bug Splat

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    BugSplat is a reporting service that software developers are using to allow users to understand what is happening during software crashes. This is the reason why it prompts you to send a report. The developer wanted to analyze the causes of software crashes that is experiencing by different users.

    “Developers use BugSplat to try to fix bugs in their software. This allows them to better understand what happens when a crash occurs and helps them make your application or game better.”

    More documentations can be found here:

    If you think or optimistic that the Bug Splat on your Windows operating system is just phishing, then you do not need to click on anything. It is advice that you scan the computer with effective security tools. Please see the guide below.

    Self Help Guide

    For easy and free removal of malware, we suggest that you carry out the following instructions. We will use only free and effective malware removal tools on this procedure.

    1. Download the following malware removal tools

    Click to download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
    Click to download Adware Cleaner

    Once downloaded, install the programs using default configuration. No need to change on the current settings. Updating may be necessary after the installation.

    2. Reboot computer in safe mode

    Rebooting the computer in Windows Safe Mode reduces the effectiveness of malware. Most malware and virus do not function fully while in Safe Mode. You may also scan the PC on normal boot-up; hence, we may not guarantee the efficiency of virus removal.

    3. Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware

    – Open Malwarebytes Anti-malware
    – On the main window, click on Scan tab
    – Make sure that Threat Scan (Recommended) is selected
    – Click on Start Scan button to start finding virus and other malicious programs
    – After the scan, select all identified threats and click on Remove Selected button
    – If it prompts you that computer needs to be restarted, please select No
    – Close Malwarebytes Anti-malware program

    4. Run another scan using AdwCleaner

    – Open AdwCleaner.
    – Once opened, click on Scan button to search for malicious applications.
    – To remove detected adware and malware, click on the Clean button.
    – AdwCleaner will prompt you to close any running application as it will need to restart the computer.
    – Click OK to restart the computer.

    After restarting the computer, you may run additional virus scanner if anti-virus is installed.

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    Clive Westbury

    Hi I have had this problem and by checking my downloads found DriverUpdate-setup.exe which is the installation program for BugSplat. If you hover the mouse over it the additional information will tell you the Verified Publisher is Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc. Now you know this you can go to Uninstall Programs and look for

    DriverUpdate-setup by Slimware

    And delete it this should get rid of Bugsplat – Check after you restart PC

    However I notice it was still in the Register

    So if you want to remove it manually goto the search box type regedit – open it – press F3 to search and type Bugsplat to see it it finds it and delete it ! You do this at your own risk but that’s what I did and now Bugsplat is gone !

    Hope this helps

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    Larry Lueder

    Easy to remove under Program Files-Services-Slimware Utilities, then cut and past all content to another folder. There you can see the Bug Splat Icon for proof.

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    Clive, thank you for that simplified answer! I removed the driver update and I do believe it has taken care of the problem. Will update if it I find it pop up again.

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    Bob Holton

    Remove Bug Splat

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    Susan Duncan

    Please remove.

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    Des Kelly

    I experienced the same issue. I have now deleted the program. Thanks Clive.

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    Have followed your instructions Clive and hopefully its now gone. Thank you

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    I don’t have driverupdate-setup by slimware, never had it, or any other driver update tool except myself
    No hacked software,
    ZA Firewall + AV
    Searched pc using explorer, searched registry for Bugsplat and DriverUpdate-setup – Nothing!

    Bugsplat is still popping up when an app crashes, and rotates my screen to portrait.

    Any other apps it’s known to come with??

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    Thanks for the simple solution, Clive!

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