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    My client’s computer was hit with this .XTBL ransom virus today. After looking at the PC, I can see that only one drive is affected, files on the other drive attached to computer are intact. Good thing, he has a backup a week before .XTBL virus hits the computer.

    Bitcoinrush@aol..com.xtbl is the specific ransomware we found. The format is (original_file_name).(original_extension).id-97501HUIS.bitcoinrush@aol.comxtbl. So the file image1.jpg becomes image1.jpg.bitcoinrush@aol.comxtbl.

    When we send emails to provided address, the hacker want us to pay 2.53 Bitcoins. At the current exchange rate, it is around US $1,650. Well, my client does not have that money to pay for the encryption key. In fact, even if we have the budget we will still push for free decrypter of all .xtbl encrypted files. As mentioned, only week of files are infected. Mostly media and images are encrypted, which is not so important but still has value.

    Please tell us where to download .xtbl decryption tool. Some sites we have visited are promoting file decryptor tool, however, none of them works realistically.

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    same here… ransom note’s are missing :-/

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    The ransom encryption process did not complete because i was sitting at the computer and once i realised what was happening, i shut the PC off.

    Consequently i don’t see a ransom note anywhere?! where do i find it if there is one?

    Format of renaming is original.file becomes original.file.id-A1B2C3D4.ecovector2@aol.com.xtbl

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    Did you have any luck? I”m in the same boat now. What did you end up doing?

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    Still stopped, right now!

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    Jeff Peterson

    There is no ransom note anywhere. It is *.VegClass@aol.com.xtbl
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Sebastian P G

    Sent me Tool Deryptor (Vegclass@aol.com.xtbl)

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    Fabio Lins

    Por favor me ajudem, minha extensão é .id-9801898D.{kartn@india.com}.xtbl se tiverem um decrypt por favor me enviem estou desesperado

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    decryption tool required id is


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    If needed for decrypt, this is my id: [filename].id-BEC44D14.ecovector2@aol.com.xtbl

    Wait something from the sky…:-(

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    sent me tool decrypto for id-44949418.bitcoinpay@india.com.xtbl


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    Mr Linh

    sent me tool decryp (id-607EB4A6.legioner_seven@aol.com.xtbl)

    Thank very much

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    Dear Sir,

    KIndly help me to get decryptor on this virus.



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    Dear Sir,

    Kindly help me to decrypt this virus extention.




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    Please send me decryption tool for id-7947B258.last_centurion@aol.com.xtbl

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    thank you

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