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    My client’s computer was hit with this .XTBL ransom virus today. After looking at the PC, I can see that only one drive is affected, files on the other drive attached to computer are intact. Good thing, he has a backup a week before .XTBL virus hits the computer.

    Bitcoinrush@aol..com.xtbl is the specific ransomware we found. The format is (original_file_name).(original_extension).id-97501HUIS.bitcoinrush@aol.comxtbl. So the file image1.jpg becomes image1.jpg.bitcoinrush@aol.comxtbl.

    When we send emails to provided address, the hacker want us to pay 2.53 Bitcoins. At the current exchange rate, it is around US $1,650. Well, my client does not have that money to pay for the encryption key. In fact, even if we have the budget we will still push for free decrypter of all .xtbl encrypted files. As mentioned, only week of files are infected. Mostly media and images are encrypted, which is not so important but still has value.

    Please tell us where to download .xtbl decryption tool. Some sites we have visited are promoting file decryptor tool, however, none of them works realistically.

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    Please, help me , sent me tool decryptor (p12205.pdf.id-B6383FD4.ecovector2@aol.com.xtbl)

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    darren wong

    Hi Can pls send decrypo to me


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    Please send me the tool decriptor for .id-9AED7E17.ecovector2@aol.com.xtbl

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    Please send me tool decriptor for file.id–64a86f02.donald_dak@aol.com.xtbl

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    Send me tool decrypt for “id-24495CC7.grand_car@aol.com” meny please
    Thank you very much.

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    Miguel Amado

    Sent me Tool Deryptor (.Vegclass@aol.com.xtbl)

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    sent me tool decryp to id-8873F651.Vegclass@aol.com.xtbl

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    Pühringer Werner

    Mine is ecovector extension changes to file.(default extension).id-94D816D0.ecovector2@aol.com.xtbl
    Please send me the decrypter.

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    send me tool decrypto (.id-E8DEEDD7.legioner_seven@aol.com.xtbl) plz

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    Any Update.
    We got infected as well

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    got infected too =(

    plz help me 🙂

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    Hi all.

    Please rename the file from example id-896e68sad.{email.address@domain.com}.xtbl to id-896e68sad.xtbl

    Then download combat shade tool from https://noransom.kaspersky.com/

    Open up the file you have renamed and also supply the ransom note – usually this is a .txt file – within the text file should be a 20 alpha decimal code which is needed to unlock the file.

    Good luck!

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    my file name DBlog.txt.id-32016CEC.legioner_seven@aol.com.xtbl and i cant repair please help me
    i have lost MySql database, i have backups but then namel too 2016-08-18_10-43-18_restaurant.sql.id-32016CEC.legioner_seven@aol.com.xtbl

    2016-08-18_10-43-18_restaurant.sql is my file true name
    please somebody help me and sorry for my english 🙂

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    Hi all,
    I’m in a strange behaviour… There are six computers connected in LAN and one NAS with all the files related to the company I’m employed.
    Now all the files in D drives (three computers have C and D drives, and at drive in theNAS has assigned D letter) have been crypted by the virus.
    I’m not able to find the “ransom note” file in any of that computers, nor in the NAS.
    I’ve downloaded the toll from Kaspersky Lab, renamed one file to test: the tool recognize the file, but asks for the “ransom note”…
    How can I find this file (I’ve already tryd with “search” and different words but nothing rise up)?
    How can I understand from which machine the virus started to infect (just for looking better in it)?
    Hope somebody can help me…
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi all,

    I’m have the same question of @Luca.

    I can’t find the ransom note which’s Kaspersky ShapeDecryptor ask for, the name of file is README[1-10].txt. So plz, hepl me how to get this file to complete decryption.

    Thanks so much.

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