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    I still have no idea on what kind of Trojan or Virus is this Memz. It almost has complete control on my Windows operating system. I can see it running on the process, utilizing so much memory resources. Trying to kill the Memz process is impossible. I cannot end Memz from task manager.

    Running virus scan does not find the virus. It seems that computer is clean after executing a thorough anti-virus scan. Memz could be hiding or just cannot detect by security applications.

    Searching the internet only shows little information. MemZ.exe in particular is identified by VirusTotal with 33 detection ratio. Other information that can lead to virus location and registry entries are the following:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\<random>.exe = msvunkern.dll
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MEMZ.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MEMZ\

    Hope someone can help me remove Memz virus. Running AVG scans is helpless with this issue. Deleting the files and registry entries manually is also not effective in getting rid of the malware. I am willing to try any scanners and tools you may suggest to get rid of Memz will be highly appreciated.

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    Memz Virus Removal – Self Help Guide

    For easy and free removal of Memz, we suggest that you carry out the following instructions. We will use only free and effective malware removal tools on this procedure.

    1. Download the following Memz removal tools

    Click to download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
    Click to download Adware Cleaner

    Once downloaded, install the programs using default configuration. No need to change on the current settings. Updating may be necessary after the installation.

    2. Reboot computer in safe mode

    Rebooting the computer in Windows Safe Mode reduces the effectively of Memz and other malware. Most malware and virus do not function fully while in Safe Mode. You may also scan the PC on normal boot-up; hence, we may not guarantee the efficiency of virus removal.

    3. Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware

    – Open Malwarebytes Anti-malware
    – On the main window, click on Scan tab
    – Make sure that Threat Scan (Recommended) is selected
    – Click on Start Scan button to start finding Memz and other malicious programs
    – After the scan, select all identified threats and click on Remove Selected button
    – If it prompts you that computer needs to be restarted, please select No
    – Close Malwarebytes Anti-malware program

    4. Run another scan using AdwCleaner

    – Open AdwCleaner.
    – Once opened, click on Scan button to search for malicious applications including Memz.
    – To remove Memz including all detected adware and malware, click on the Clean button.
    – AdwCleaner will prompt you to close any running application as it will need to restart the computer.
    – Click OK to restart the computer.

    After restarting the computer, you may run additional virus scanner if anti-virus is installed.

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    Seems you have somehow got Leurak’s MEMZ Trojan Suddenly released into the wild somehow. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Just be careful though, It will Overwrite your windows Boot sector with a cute Nyan Cat screen. also this trojan was supposed to just be featured in Danooct1’s Viewer-made Malware series, and Leurak made it Open source too. I think that’s why it was out in the wild. So You Can’t Reboot.

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    So if you can view your tasks then somehow the virus hasn’t obliterated the first 64KB of vital files your OS needs, meaning that there is a very good chance of saving the computer.

    Bear in mind that this virus was made for entertainment purposes and was NOT meant to be distributed for the suffering of others.

    Try hard-resetting the computer or booting in safe-mode.

    If this doesn’t work try contacting your Operating System’s producer support-line and see if they are able to help in any way (this is almost certain).

    I hope you are able to fix the issue.

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    Ok when you press the program it clearly says it is a virus and gives you a chance to say no I do not want to activate a virus, the memz virus is only for fun since it says they will not be held responsible for your now probably nyan cat computer so you cant sue the people who made it so your screwed

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